Don Ottorino - Wine Tales Magazine article

An insight into Ottorino Bruno, owner of Boccafolle vineyard.
By Boccafolle
December 2, 2022

Following the 2022 harvest, Wine Tales magazine interviewed Ottorino Bruno in an article titled 'Don Ottorino, professor of the vineyard', a wholesome and intricate dive into the man behind our wine. It makes clear his attitude towards Boccafolle's development, using his career as an engineer as a springboard for the rest of the article, it explains the passion he has for both his wine and his home soil.

For those looking to delve deeper into the care and attention given to our wines, this heart-felt look into Don Ottorino's process and past is the best place to find those answers.

Ottorino Bruno, owner of Boccafolle vineyard.