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The Boccafolle winery focuses on the high quality of its products, monitoring the entire production cycle: from the selection and planting of the vines through cultivation and harvest, until the production of the wine and its refinement in barrels and bottles.

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Your perfect dinner party partner.
Our signature red.


Your perfect dinner party partner.
Our signature red.


Your finest first impression.
Our premium red.

Donna Elena

Your freshest summer affair.
Our signature white.


Your answer to rosé all day.
Our signature rosé.

About us

Where the wine comes from

The Boccafolle estate is located on a high plane that spans between the Occido and Esaro rivers and that is bordered on its North-West edge by the Pollino mountains.

The characteristics of the site guarantee an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of the vines: cool, dry and mildly ventilated.

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